Total: 5

Reviewer: Rabbit-moon
Title: Chapters 29-32
Date Signed: 05-02-14

Great story! Wonderful, solid characterizations. I could hear Buffy and Spike's voices so clearly. Im kinda new to Spuffy fan fiction, so it's really great to still be able to find these awesome older stories. I loved reading this! Thanks for a great read.

Reviewer: Sarah
Title: Chapters 29-32
Date Signed: 11-14-12

Best fic ever! Thank you so much

Reviewer: Cheyanna
Title: Chapters 9-12
Date Signed: 07-31-11

Woot, I will cerntaily put this to good use!

Reviewer: Sarah
Title: Chapters 29-32
Date Signed: 03-28-10

This is way better than the average fanfic. You combined the monster-of-the-week and emotional plotlines well, both structurally and thematically. I liked all the will-they won't-they and the way they regained each other's trust gradually - so many fics are too desperate to get to the NC-17 bit - it's so much better when there's obstacles - that's why we love Spuffy in the first place! So I had to laugh when you feared flames after the bit where Buffy turns on Spike - that was a great idea. Only bit of constructive criticism I had was that Buffy seemed a bit out of character with her acceptance of Spike's bad side - I know it was supposed to be her realisations about her own dark side, but perhaps there could have been more conflicting feelings on her part, eg. when she saw Spike inside there probably would've been something that worried her. Anyway - good job, and thanks for a good read.

Reviewer: sister cuervo
Title: Chapters 29-32
Date Signed: 12-07-08

An old favourite story--loads of intense action, romance, sexy goodness and superior plotting & dialogue.