Total: 5

Reviewer: Joy
Title: 1
Date Signed: 05-12-14

LOVED IT!!! Such a perfect solution! My only complaint is that it is not a prelude to something much longer. I recently got interested in Spuffy again thanks to the FX Buffy repeats and am amazed that the fanfiction continued and still continues all these years later. So pleased to have discovered this lovely story as I always simply adored William. Thanks.

Reviewer: Kimberly
Title: 1
Date Signed: 06-06-13

I loved it. only one problem it was too short. I long for more William Buffy fics.

Reviewer: Mage
Title: 1
Date Signed: 01-13-11

I love this fic. It's sweet without being cavity inducing and throughly enjoyable reading.

Reviewer: Kat
Title: 1
Date Signed: 08-25-10

That was great!

Reviewer: Jelly
Title: 1
Date Signed: 04-13-09

I really liked this. So very sweet. And I loved the ending. I couldn't help but think of a little epilogue: "In the midst of some dark alley way, Drusilla thought to herself, 'Darnit!'" But your ending is much more apropos. ;D