Total: 19

Reviewer: Kal
Title: 1
Date Signed: 10-16-14

Oh lord! “Go on. Ask me how my day went.” HA!

Reviewer: Kimberly
Title: 1
Date Signed: 06-06-13

That was cute, I enjoyed it. Though I am wishing for more.

Reviewer: Carol
Title: 1
Date Signed: 02-15-13

I love it! This story is too funny. Really cute too. :) I love laid back stories. Great job!

Reviewer: Neinka
Title: 1
Date Signed: 12-01-12

Perfection! :D :D

Reviewer: Portal
Title: 1
Date Signed: 10-10-12

This is one of my favorite funny Spuffies. You captured the voices so well, & I just love the little bits of snark (Riley opening the magazine a month later!). Awesome.

Reviewer: Alyssa
Title: 1
Date Signed: 06-12-11

love the story its funny and very good Keep up the good story writing. :)

Reviewer: Jags
Title: 1
Date Signed: 05-02-11

Ok that was awesome and if you haven't written a sequel you should. Sounds like a great start to a relationship!

Reviewer: Meag
Title: 1
Date Signed: 05-01-11

This was really great! Loved reading it, gave me a really nice laugh. It's nice (as a Spuffy fan) to have a nice, happy, fun image in my head of them, considering their times together were all either romantic or sad, lol.

Reviewer: SpuffyFan
Title: 1
Date Signed: 09-27-09

OMG so totally funny! A hyper Spike is funny! I loved It :D

Reviewer: vladtv
Title: 1
Date Signed: 05-08-09

even more enjoyable on the reread. thank you.

Reviewer: Jelly
Title: 1
Date Signed: 04-13-09

Here I was, enjoying this perfectly cute fanfic and suddenly, out of nowhere! Images of a particular blond vampire in a bathing suit ad assaulting my mind! Oh, it is so hard to cope... I really enjoyed this. :D

Reviewer: buffyconvert
Title: 1
Date Signed: 03-20-09

What fun! And I don't usually like girly-girl stuff.

Reviewer: buffyfan4eva
Title: 1
Date Signed: 01-03-09

i loved it... i spent the entire time LOLing and ROFLing and i forwarded it to friends. excellent job!

Reviewer: eskarina
Title: 1
Date Signed: 10-30-08

what a wonderful way to start the day, giggling at my computer! it was so much fun reading this. cheers!

Reviewer: Jenny
Title: 1
Date Signed: 08-31-08

This may possibly be the funniest Spuffy fic I've ever read! Kudos!