Total: 3

Reviewer: Didi
Title: Chapters 46-50
Date Signed: 08-18-14

Love it! The whole serie was amazing, I enjoyed very much, it had a bit of everything that it was a really great time reading it. =D

Reviewer: Only Me
Title: Chapters 46-50
Date Signed: 01-31-13

Thanks for the series. I was really surprised at "their soul". I normally don't like Riley/initiative stuff but you worked it really well. Thanks for all your hard work :-)

Reviewer: Maggie
Title: Chapters 46-50
Date Signed: 08-18-10

Ok, so now after I read your whole saga I think I totally fell in love with Spike all over again! :D I really really have to get my sorry ass out of my room to see that such a guy simply doesn´t exist or I´m gonna be in a big trouble...just kidding :) Great story, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it very much!