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Sweet Temptation
A Spuffy Fanfic archive only for all human/fantasy stories. Registration is open to everyone!
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 5101] [Dead Link?]
Darkest Before the Dawn
Site no longer exists, but here's what is available through the Internet Archive. The site does contain many great Spuffy stories difficult to find elsewhere.
[Added: 09-29-08] [Hits: 4736] [Dead Link?]
The Crypt
Enormous archive with a vast selection of Spuffy fanfiction. Hosts authors who have come and gone from fandom.
[Added: 09-29-08] [Hits: 4488] [Dead Link?]
Buffy & Spike Diaries
Moderated Spuffy fanfiction site that's been around for several years and is making a comeback as of January 2008.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 4413] [Dead Link?]
Crypt of Fic
Another amazing resource for older fics.
[Added: 09-29-08] [Hits: 4123] [Dead Link?]
Death-Marked Love
One of the oldest Spuffy archives with many classic stories and authors.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3858] [Dead Link?]
Nothing Like the Sun
Although no longer maintained, Nothing Like the Sun houses many excellent Spuffy authors.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3672] [Dead Link?]
Shadows & Dust
Fanfiction archive for multiple pairings. It has a great Spuffy fic section, though. You'll find many classics there.
[Added: 09-29-08] [Hits: 3522] [Dead Link?]
Spuffy Lovin'
Livejournal Spuffy community for fanfic recommendations based on a bi-weekly theme selected via a poll.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3412] [Dead Link?]
A staple Spuffy site. Hosts several several fantastic stories by a variety of authors and resources.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3393] [Dead Link?]
Seductive Embrace
Fanfiction by SpikesKat
[Added: 08-02-06] [Hits: 3362] [Dead Link?]
The Spuffy Realm
Huge Spuffy fanfic archive for all taste palettes.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3264] [Dead Link?]
Enchanted Grace
Spuffy Fanfiction by spikeslovebite
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 3152] [Dead Link?]
A Livejournal moderated community that explores the darker aspects of the relationship between Spike and Buffy.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3145] [Dead Link?]
The Sandlot
Spuffy archive for the Bloody Awful Poet Society.
[Added: 09-29-08] [Hits: 3103] [Dead Link?]
Spuffy Stuff by Slaymesoftly
Almost entirely Spuffy fics-ranging from drabbles to a few very long stories; ratings from G to NC17.
[Added: 07-29-06] [Hits: 3087] [Dead Link?]
Paragon of Peace
Houses all of Holly's fanfiction.
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 3023] [Dead Link?]
A moderated Livejournal community for Spuffy AU/all human fanfiction and artwork.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3012] [Dead Link?]
A moderated Livejournal community to share and celebrate everything Spuffy: fic, artwork, debates, challenges, recs, and love.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3008] [Dead Link?]
Site for all of Nautibitz's fanfiction.
[Added: 09-29-08] [Hits: 2989] [Dead Link?]