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Spark and Burn Awards
A Buffy/Spike fanfic awards site.
[Added: 01-21-07] [Hits: 2552] [Dead Link?]
Seductive Embrace
Fanfiction by SpikesKat
[Added: 08-02-06] [Hits: 3464] [Dead Link?]
Spuffy Stuff by Slaymesoftly
Almost entirely Spuffy fics-ranging from drabbles to a few very long stories; ratings from G to NC17.
[Added: 07-29-06] [Hits: 3165] [Dead Link?]
Axis of Love
Always_jbj and Akaela-Lee's BTVS fan fiction site.
[Added: 07-28-06] [Hits: 2821] [Dead Link?]
Tranquil Daydreams
A site for Sandy's Spike/Buffy drabbles, short stories, and series.
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 2780] [Dead Link?]
When Hearts Collide
Fanfiction by angelic_amy
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 2851] [Dead Link?]
Enchanted Grace
Spuffy Fanfiction by spikeslovebite
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 3227] [Dead Link?]
Sweet Temptation
A Spuffy Fanfic archive only for all human/fantasy stories. Registration is open to everyone!
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 5193] [Dead Link?]
Paragon of Peace
Houses all of Holly's fanfiction.
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 3106] [Dead Link?]
Blade and Chalice
Home for Ameeya Hawke's fanfiction.
[Added: 07-27-06] [Hits: 2804] [Dead Link?]