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Buffyverse Dialogue Database
Ever wonder what exactly was said in what episode? Vrya has worked tirelessly to add all the dialogue that ever appeared on Buffy and Angel to her amazing database. Easy to navigate and search--an excellent resource for writers!
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Dark Dreams
Fanfiction by Ariane
[Added: 09-29-08] [Hits: 2926] [Dead Link?]
Darkest Before the Dawn
Site no longer exists, but here's what is available through the Internet Archive. The site does contain many great Spuffy stories difficult to find elsewhere.
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Crypt of Fic
Another amazing resource for older fics.
[Added: 09-29-08] [Hits: 4233] [Dead Link?]
Site for all of Nautibitz's fanfiction.
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The Crypt
Enormous archive with a vast selection of Spuffy fanfiction. Hosts authors who have come and gone from fandom.
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The Sandlot
Spuffy archive for the Bloody Awful Poet Society.
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Shadows & Dust
Fanfiction archive for multiple pairings. It has a great Spuffy fic section, though. You'll find many classics there.
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Nothing Like the Sun
Although no longer maintained, Nothing Like the Sun houses many excellent Spuffy authors.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3764] [Dead Link?]
A staple Spuffy site. Hosts several several fantastic stories by a variety of authors and resources.
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Death-Marked Love
One of the oldest Spuffy archives with many classic stories and authors.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3944] [Dead Link?]
Buffy & Spike Diaries
Moderated Spuffy fanfiction site that's been around for several years and is making a comeback as of January 2008.
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Spuffy Icons
LJ community for Spuffy iconage to share and request.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3034] [Dead Link?]
A moderated Livejournal community for Spuffy AU/all human fanfiction and artwork.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3086] [Dead Link?]
A Livejournal moderated community that explores the darker aspects of the relationship between Spike and Buffy.
[Added: 02-12-08] [Hits: 3284] [Dead Link?]
A moderated Livejournal community to share and celebrate everything Spuffy: fic, artwork, debates, challenges, recs, and love.
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Spuffy Lovin'
Livejournal Spuffy community for fanfic recommendations based on a bi-weekly theme selected via a poll.
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The Spuffy Realm
Huge Spuffy fanfic archive for all taste palettes.
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Spuffy Awards
Awards site for Spuffy fanfiction, general and fantasy!
[Added: 02-11-08] [Hits: 2989] [Dead Link?]
Solemn Graces Awards
An awards site for BtVS and AtS websites, fanart, and Spuffy fanfiction!
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