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July 12, 2012: Nocturnal Light Update

Hello out there! I know it has been ages since this site has been properly updated, but over the last couple of years, RL simply got too hectic. Although I still love Spuffy, I am not actively involved in the fandom. 

Rest assured, however, that this site will not be disappearing into the ether as many other sites have. I love this site to bits, and Google Analytics tells me that it still has a place among Spuffy aficionados. This is incredibly heartening and I thank each and everyone of you that makes the effort to visit and read. 

I also want to add that a long while back, I adopted the stories previously archived at Vampire's Kiss. Mandy very graciously allowed me to keep the stories despite the fact that the site no longer exists. My goal, since then, has been to clean up the stories and somehow incorporate them to this archive. This has proven a little difficult, on account of lack of time, but I do hope to get those stories up on a site of their own in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. Stay tuned!

Thank you.


Posted by Yani


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